Sarah Dunn

Sarah is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and strategist. Sarah is a wizard at networking, building authentic relationships and executes like no one else we've met.

She applies tools learned in various programs (including Landmark, Envision-U, and Sandler Training); more than theories, Sarah's expertise derives from applying the work: creating four businesses from scratch (all community/connection centric), three years as a top performing enterprise account executive, and many years competing in Ironman distance triathlons. 

Sarah focuses on the "outer" aspect of impact: this is accountability, focus, discipline, decision, and developing a community and culture in your immediate surroundings that facilitates your success. Sarah will get you from "I think this is what I should do" to "I know this what I need to do and now it's done". She also operates under the belief that the work is serious and you have to have fun while changing the world. More on Sarah... 

Ashley Paquin

Ashley is a coach, Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and mindfulness teacher. Ashley is also highly intuitive and the furthest thing from woo woo which is why clients around the world seek her guidance. 

She helps clients find freedom by transforming their inner world (thoughts, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears) so they're better equipped to manage the outer world (relationships, bank account, physical health, career). Ashley has also completed Google's leadership and mindfulness training Search Inside Yourself, and has attended eleven 5-day meditation retreats.  

Ashley focuses on the "inner" aspect of impact: this is mindfulness, cultivation of emotional intelligence, and developing a mindset wired for success. Ashley is a wizard at helping clients transform limiting beliefs into empowered thought and action all while having fun in the process. 

More on Ashley...